Monday, June 11, 2012

Counting Down...

Nearly 3 days down but still 5 and a bit days to go.   That's 5 and a bit days before the son gets back and picks up his dogs.  All 4 of them.  Now they are good dogs, nice dogs, and three of them are quite obedient for me.  The other one is a great big galumping thing that seems to have no sense whatsoever.  She jumps up. she licks, she chews.  Oh yes, she chews!!

I had no internet yesterday and this morning because of the power going out with the storm.  I had no internet for quite awhile this afternoon and I thought that that was because of the storms wasn't.  Once I checked the phone and found out that it wasn't working I went looking for the cause...and found chewed through wires.  Chewed through by this great galumping dog.  Who should have been outside galumping around but because I am too soft with them and it was cold and I wanted them inside where I knew where they were and didn't have to go looking for them all the time...anyway she is a chewer and chewed through the phone wires.  I'm such a clever duck though and knew that if I could just join the wires back together then I would have internet again.
It's not the best job, husband may want to redo it one day, but it works.  And if I keep it covered the dog may not think it's worth finding and chewing on again.

We used to have a little dog and I still miss him and quite often say that I'd like another one.  After this week I think it will be awhile before I say that again.

I'm the type of person that thinks a dog should be able to come inside.  Even big dogs.  Even 4 big dogs.  That maybe isn't the smartest thing.  They have made themselves at home, the cushions from the lounge are on the floor, the place smells like dog.  I have to feed them.  Play with them. Go looking for them when they decide to go play out the back without telling me...

The chewer.
How can you be angry with that cute face.

It will soon be time to feed them then lock them out in the shed for the night.    So 5 days to go...and yes I am counting.

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  1. You already know how I feel--dogs don't mind the cold. Dogs belong outdoors. And, I have allergies. My sister always had dogs, cats, and birds in her house. Someone wanted to eat someone all the time. Chewing dogs are just the worst. My friend's dog chew through a cushion and the bottom of the sofa to get to the ball that rolled under the sofa! Another friend had a dog chew all her cabinets in the kitchen to pieces one night when she locked her in the kitchen. That was several thousand dollar to fix.

    My puppy stayed outside in the snow and did not take either shelter I prepared for her. Our grown dog always slept on top of the doghouse in the winter and summer. So, I find it hard to believe dogs with shelter are suffering outdoors.