Sunday, December 4, 2011

November Happenings.

Interested in what's been happening here over the last month?  I'll tell anyway so you don't need to answer that.
We had loquats on the tree for the second year.  Last year I think we got 2 or 3, this year 13!  Next year, who knows, I may have enough to dry like the daughter did with here 3 massive trees.  She brought me a box plus some that she had dehydrated, brought me some more...I like Loquats, a lot.  Better than lollies.
I have more chickens and will start trying to sell some of the bigger chooks soon.  I have way too many so not sure why I keep putting eggs under the cluckies.  But the chickens are so cute!  I see it as a waste to not use the fertile eggs and if I can sell a few of the PoL birds it will help pay for their food.
Unfortunately some of them have Scaley Leg at the moment.  I have some vegetable oil to put on them but a few look worse that the others so I went down to my friendly vet and he mixed up a potion for me to put on them.  I will still oil them.  I asked the local fish and chip shop and they gave me half a drum of the old frying oil so I'll do that later.  It will be messy but I think it will help them.
Once they are fixed up I might start thinking about selling some.  That will be early next year now. 
Bloody fox came again.  Took a mother chook and left 7 orphans.  They are a few weeks old and seem to have been adopted by a lone chook that was in with them.  Lots of food is growing.  Apricots are ripening.  Too many for me so I am trying to dry some in the car.  I need to get the dehydrator back from the son.
Parrots are pinching the apples.  I tried netting a tree but I'm not tall enough so it's not very protected.  A job for next week when Hubby is home.
Probably lots more interesting stuff happened but I didn't write it down and now we'll never know...
We went away a couple of times

Better get out there and figure out how to oil the legs of 30 chooks.  Plus 16 chickens and Mums that have  attitude.  And a rooster that thinks he is boss...That one might will be a next week job too I think.


  1. Poor hen. Poor babies. Good for the other hen who adopted them. You are going to be busy with the oiling. I would hate to oil even the three hens I have.

    You reminded me I have a bag of yellow peppers to dehydrate for a friend. So, now I know how I will spend the dregs of a Saturday night.

  2. I dont envy you, having to oil that many chicken legs!!!

    Apricots are a lovely fruit and if you can wrangle your dehydrator back you will be very busy!

  3. Hi Barb
    If you used the Ivermectin you don't need to oil the legs as well. It won't do any harm but it is more work for you!