Friday, December 9, 2011

Clucky Chooks Galore Is On my Mind.

I had 5, maybe 6 chooks go clucky.  They were in the main chookpen and so the other eggs were being layed in the boxes and I had no idea what was what.

Last week Hubby said he'd build me some seperate nesting boxes in one of the netted pens and I could put them all out there.  That way the eggs being layed in the main pen stay fresher, the cluckies aren't being bothered by other chooks crowding in on them and when chickens hatch they are in a safe pen.  As it was the eggs were being sat on all day and were sometimes quite warm by the time they were collected.

He has done a wonderful job and I now have 6 seperate boxes.  I have moved a few cluckies out there and they are now on fertile eggs.  I did need to block their exit but as soon as they settle down, probably by tomorrow, the mesh will be removed and they will be able to get off for their food and water.

There is a chook in there, she has sat on her new eggs and seems to be settling in nicely.  I will take the mesh away tonight and keep an eye on her, and the others, tomorrow to make sure they don't abandon the nest.

If this works I am thinking that I might end up with too many chooks but as I already have a couple of people asking me if I have any to sell I will now be able to say yes and not feel bad about selling my main layers. 

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  1. What size box do you make for the nesting hens? I know some people make a place large enough for water and food. Is this what you do? I am making plans for having a hen on fertile eggs next spring. All three seem to take a shine to sitting on the next all day! Maybe all three will want eggs to sit upon.

    Does each hen have her own water and food? Or, are you just putting all the ones on eggs in a place not accessible to hen not broody or clucky? I have heard they will not leave the nest for days.

    Thanks. I want to get it right if I have any hens not eaten by a raccoon by spring.

  2. Stay tuned, a post will be up about this setup in a few days.
    They will have their own water and food but the nests open out into the bigger pen that will also have water. They get off the nest every now and then to do what they need to but a true clucky will not stay off for long.


  3. Love your photos Barb. Visiting from :)