Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dumb Dog.

We are dog-sitting again. Same dog as before. Last week I wasn't home all day so asked T. if she could come out and let him off his leash and spend time with him. She rang me worried that he'd gone walkabout as she couldn't find him. I told her he'd be in the hayshed eyeing off the cat. Sure enough he was.
This morning I heard a noise, heard a yelp, went looking for him but couldn't find him anywhere. No good calling him, though I was, as he is deaf as a doorknob. I then decide to look for the cat. Found him in another shed curled up on a shelf and sure enough the dog was there, he had got himself stuck in amonsgt the mess. Dumb Dog. Poor Rufus. Could you eat that cat. So cute.
Dog is down in the lefthand corner of photo, watching and waiting...
Just heard another noise and went out to check. Cat jumped down, dog chased after him knocking stuff over...Lucky cats are agile bcause this poor old arthritic dog that I was looking after had had a cortisone injection before he came this time and is it not as arthritic and slow as before. May have to keep a closer watch on him.

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