Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dumb Dogs, Smart Foxes, Lucky Ducks.

Early Saturday morning, 3am early, I was outside in knickers and a jumper looking for the body of this Drake. I'd heard the flapping noise that tells me there is a fox in the pen so I jump up, grab a top and rush outside. I heard the fox go through the fence to get out, saw the other 2 ducks but this one was nowhere. I looked all over the pen, looked outside the fence. I wanted to get the body back if I could so the fox didn't come back for it. I couldn't find him. Now my head was telling me that there would be feathers from the attack, the fox would not be able to get this bird over or through the fence, it had to be inside the pen somewhere. But I looked, then looked again. It had to be over the road. So I am out there looking all around along the railway, amonst the trees, all the while hoping no cars would come by. Finally gave up and had another look in the pen but he was gone so I locked the other 2 up and went back to bed. It was 4am. Had another look the next morning for him but no go, he was gone. At least I didn't have to dig a hole to bury him.

When I was feeding the other 2 I thought that the black and white one was looking sad but put it down to her losing her mate. Then noticed that she had blood on her, around her neck. So the fox, or one of them, had tried to take her as well. Now this is the third! time that this particular bird has been attacked. She is OK now, Sunday morning, but the poor thing must really be getting sick of it.

This is the female that has survived 3 fox attacks.

It will be sad when we eat her.

And a couple of hours later, so around 9 Saturday morning ...the drake shows up!! I knew he was too big to be taken but he must have been hiding in a real good spot because I looked all over and then some.

I thought that having the dog here the fox wouldn't come, that the dog would sense it and bark, And he had barked throughout the night before a few times. This night though, nothing, nada, ziltch. He stayed quiet and let the fox come in. Dumb Dog!

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