Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bye, Bye Hammys'.

The pictures say it all really. I had this sign up outside the house this morning, some people called in and bought stuff and now I have some money for chookfood. And I have less chooks, the ducks are gone...Double bonus there.

Another good thing is this sign that Hubby made for me over the weekend. It is a lot better looking than the scrappy cardboard sign that I was using before and it has wheels, well, balls, so it it a lot easier to pull in and out. It has a blackboard surface so I can rub things out when they go, add things I want to go. Totally brilliant. I knew I kept him around for something.

I am so lucky...Life is good again.

I need help here though please. The word Hammys in the that the wrong spelling? Should it be "ies" on the end? I have shortend the word Hamboughs. Thanks.

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