Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Glad It Wasn't Serious.

Had a call from a daughter yesterday around lunch time. T. said that she had been to see the doctor and he was sending her over to the Hospital for tests. He was quite concerned. I drive her over to Peel Health Campus, 40 minutes away. We show the letter from the doc, say he rang to let them know she was coming, where do we go...

It is 1pm.

They sent us to Emergency where we see a nurse pretty quickly, we're told to sit on the blue chairs and wait 'til we are called. Two hours later the nurse sees her again, does blood pressure, takes blood, etc. T gets faint and dizzy so they puts her on a bed in Emergency.

It is 5.30 before a doctor comes to see her, says it's too late for any of the tests she was suposed to have and sent her home to come back next day.

It's 6pm before she leaves the hospital.

So I will take here back over there today for scans at 1. She then has to see a doctor for the results at 3.30 in a different town 20 mins away and depending on what the scan says she will go home or go back to hospital.

She says she feels OK but still has sore stomach. Hope the scan shows that she is OK.

Thankyou to L who had T's daughter until we got back.

Updating to say...Daughter is OK, needs to see doctor again on Monday (today), needs another scan to see if anything has changed, needs to go back to emergency if the pains happen again. She is sore but back to doing stuff.

Thanks for your concern. Much appreciated.


  1. You and yours are in my prayers Barb please keep us posted!
    Love & Blessings

  2. I am sure I responded to this Jilly. It said "thankyou for your thoughts and I will update the post" I wonder where it went...

    Thanks again though.