Friday, January 1, 2010

Not Wasting This Lot.

I have been growing Beetroot with the intention of pickling it for salads but as we don't have a gas stove and it's been too hot to light the woodfire and I am too slack...Some has been wasted.
Fed to the pig but still wasted.
Yesterday Hubby set the gas ring up outside and we did all this together. He is such a great guy.
Every recipe you look at is different and some seem quite complicated so we went for a basic mix of vinegar, sugar, cooking water and will see how it goes. I pickled beetroot once before but can't remeber what recipe I used and it was too vinegary, this one tasted OK so we will monitor it and see if any adjustments are needed for next time.


  1. Barb I was given a wonderful jar of beetroot relish or pickles (not sure which) early this year. It was astoundingly delicious.

  2. That was nice of them. Mine are much nicer than the last lot I made. Homemade is the best! Yay for us in being able to have it that way.