Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plastic Bags.

I am inside for a bit, suposed to be tidying and cleaning.

During the cleanup I am coming across too many plastic bags that I can't reuse for the things I usually use them for. Hubby brought home all the fridge stuff from work last week and there are some bags in there but not really clean enough for me to want to re-use. They are not the shopping type bags that a lot of us use as bin liners, there are a couple of bread bags, a fruit and veg type bag, I have a bag from cereal...things like that.

Now probably most people would just scrunch them all up and put them in the bin but I can't seem to do that. Should be easy...pick up bag, scrunch into little ball, put in bin. Simple right? Well no, it's not that simple for me.

You see, I hate throwing things in the bin knowing they are going to the dump to fill the big hole they dug and just sitting there taking up space for ever. When that hole is full they will did another big hole and start filling that. Soon there will be no room for any more holes and then what do we do with our scrunched up plastic bags.

So I re-use them for other things, they do eventually get put in the bin but they are used quite a few times before they do.

I will use the breadbags for rubbish holders, we don't have a lot so these 2 bags should do awhile and they will go out into the big bin when full. I usually use them for cheese or sandwiches or keeping some sort of food in the fridge but these ones had mouldy bread in them so are no good for stuff like that and I have others anyway. I will use the cereal bag to wrap Hubby's lunch when he needs to take it to work, or my sandwich if I need to go anywhere. I use these wrappers quite often. Sometimes they get a spray of vinegar to freshen them up but not after every use. Depends what was wrapped.

What do you do with your plastic/cereal bags? Could you re-use some of them and so make the big holes last longer? Please leave a comment and pass on any ideas that we could use, lets all do a little bit to save the planet.


  1. I hate throwing them out too but there's not much I can use them for either...
    I do cut up cereal bags and use them as layers btween veggie burgers or biscuits when I freeze them so they don't stick together.

  2. Good idea. I could use them to seperate my blackbean burgers. If I had some BBB's lol.