Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's Not Growing

I am having too many failures at the moment. Beans are dying for no apparent reason, seeds are not coming up, chooks keep getting out and eating the strawberries...

I will not be able to meet my challenge of not buying veg this year if I can't get things to grow. I have some carrots ready to pull but the 3 lots that I planted to follow on didn't germinate. Cabbages won't poke their little heads above the dirt The Beetroot in the drum...3 out of a dozen have come up. Chooks scratched up the lettuce under the Apricot tree.

I planted a punnet of Eggplant, All grew and have flowers on. They will produce heaps. We don't actually eat eggplant though, they are a barter thing but I do like the look of them growing.

Only one Zucchini has fruit and flowers. Three look like they should be put out of their misery but a couple of young ones may make it.

The watermelon are not doing enough. Two Moon and Stars, planted in a drum, have 1 fruit each. Surely that's not right. Another named sort has one fruit. The Wongy planted in the ground have lots of flowers and a few small fruit but I don't know if they will be ready before Summer is over.

I have heaps of tomatoes and plenty of Cucumbers. I don't like either vey much! They are for Hubby but I will eat them in small amounts.

Capsicum have only had a few fruit on them...

I will get more seeds of everything in next week and hopefully nothing else will cark it before they have all grown and are feeding us.

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