Monday, January 4, 2010

Week 1 and I planted...

Because we want to eat out of the garden this year and not from bought vegetables we need to keep planting things. I am already behind as 4 bean plants, covered in flower and ready to fruit, have shriveled up and died. No idea why but it is things like this happening that will put me behind. Seeds that I had in punnets also curled up their toes but that was because of the heat and some slackass not watering them or moving them to a shady area. lol.

Jan 1 - Jan 7.
So this week we have put in:
Corn x 10. Direct in ground.
Cabbage x 4. In tank garden.
Sunflowers x lots. In ground.
Beetroot, in 1 drum.
Carrots, in 2 drums.
Bananas. x 4 suckers transplanted.
Potatoes. 3 x drums.
Marigolds. 3 surviving seedlings, around tank.
Tomato, transplanted into a drum.
Onions. Sprinkled seed in a tank garden. Will see how they go.
Lettuce. Straight in ground under Apricot tree. Hearting so will see how they go.
Wormwood. x 2 but 1 was planted in the chookpen, fenced off real good then scratched out by the chooks. I am such a good gardener!

I have covered the carrots with cardboard as I have trouble getting these to germinate and have read that covering them will help as it keeps them moist. We'll see.

And We Ate:
Asparagus. OK, only a few spears but still...

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