Saturday, January 9, 2010

And Now I've Lost One.

Yesterday after the debugging of the Isa Browns one was looking a bit crook so I put her out into the playpen pen in the shade, by herself, so she could die in peace. I told you...She looked crook, sick, not well. I thought I would bury her this morning.

This morning though she was up and moving and had eaten her food so I gave her fresh stuff and left her to it.

Now she is not there!! She has possibly dug under and escaped, or maybe jumped up through a 8inch gap. Either or, she is not in the pen and I can't find her. She has to be somewhere in the garden but so far no luck.

Will have a coffee and wait 'til she decides to show herself, then I will grab her and shove her back in the paypen pen until tomorrow. That'll learn her.

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