Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First Fig

It must be fig season as I have seen them mentioned recently on a few blogs that I have been reading
This is our tree, it is in the Mixed Breed chookpen and is great for shade, roosting, food. This is the first fig and it was yum.

We were thinking about removing this tree and replacing it as for a few years we weren't getting any ripe figs. Then I was in there one day last summer and could smell them so went looking among the branches. Who knew but you can get a white fig! I had only known the purple one so that was what I was waiting for. These ones lose the green unripe colour, go soft and you can smell them when they are ripe but the colour is not purple.
Once upon a time I never liked the taste of them but I do now so I am glad that we have them growing. We have 2 smaller trees in the orchard and a small one in a pot that will get planted out somewhere this Autumn. One day we may have enough to dry. That would be cool.

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