Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There's something In the House.

I was quietly sitting here last Saturday, when I heard a noise just over there, in front of the sink. Got up to see if the cat had brought in a mouse and this *thing* ran under the stove. This BIG thing...I can sometimes deal with a mouse if I am here alone and have to and it is dead but this was bigger. Probably a rat. Or that bandicoot that keeps pinching the eggs. Hubby must have heard the panic in my voice because he slowly strolls in from the shed. I tell him it's a rat. Or the bandicoot. I tell him *something* ran under the stove. He has a look, makes a noise that could be a laugh, puts up a barricade. I'm thinking that's so *the thing* can't run out and get me. He is so thoughtful and caring.
But then he tells me to go get the net and hold it so *the thing* can run into it. So I was wrong about the thoughtful, caring part. He tried 3 times to move *the thing* into the net but I kept getting scared and jumping back and *the thing* kept running back behind the wood box. He finally takes the net off me (about frigging time!) and I poke *the thing* and get it to move into the net. Ha! It goes in, he lifts, twists and we have it. Not a rat, not a bandicoot. It is a big skink. It must have come in through the catflap. It could have been just as scared as me. Going by the mess on the floor though I think he was a bit more worried about things than I was.

You may need to click on the pictures to make them bigger so you can see *the thing* which we now know is a skink. We took it out the back and let it go on the dam wall amongst the trees.

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  1. Awww how cuteness!! How lucky you are to have such a kind and caring hubby!