Friday, January 8, 2010

Bug Control

This week we have been undergoing a *bugs on the chooks* eradication program. L and M have been out doing their chooks for leg mites and they helped me do my Mixed Breed lot as well. It's a matter of catching chook and covering the legs and feet to smother the mites. We used a mixture of Black and Gold Petroleum Jelly and EO but have used vegetable oil in the past. We used the P.J. this time as we thought that it would stick better and smother more. Seems to have worked anyway, the legs are looking a lot better.

M. has also been spraying the pens to get rid of any bugs that may be in them. There we have to shift the chooks to an empty pen, spray their pen, wait a day or so then put chooks back into their original pen. Lucky we have enough pens to do this.

This morning I did the the legs on my Isa Browns. What a messy job! And not as easy doing it by myself but I wanted them treated before we shift them a treated pen so we can treat their pen. It was a lot easier watching L and M do it. It is a big job and we will have to do the legs of all of them again next week. That is...Wait for it...53!!!! chooks. And 6 chickens. Oh, Then there are my so called Australorp birds so 6 more. All needing to be treated again soon.

I'm pretty sure that my IB have worms too so I also had to treat them for that and will need to redo them next week. No wonder I didn't get much else achieved this morning.

Yes, we have too many chooks. I must get that for sale sign made and put out the front.

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