Friday, January 1, 2010

Chooks For Sale

I have had a few people ask about us selling our chooks and one of my goals is to be able to sell excess eggs and birds to help cover costs of keeping them.

We have sold a few lots of chickens before and I have another 6 in there to go. I still have the Hamburghs and we have too many hens in the mixed Breed pen so this year I will get rid of quite a few, espessially as I want to build up the Australorp flock. The only thing with selling the chickens is that you don't know if they are roosters or not and we can't give refunds if they are male.

Mixed Breed chickens, unsexed $6each. If someone takes all that we have we have let them go cheaper.
Mixed Breed hens $12each. Usually these have just started to lay. Being Mixed Breed though they are all different looking, some have feathered feet, some don't. Some are bantams but others are bigger and lay bigger eggs.
Hamboughs go for $10 each as unsexed chickens.
Hambough hens $20.
Hambough roosters, Daughter sells them for $10 as breeders so we will do the same otherwise we will eat them. She has one ready to go now and his parents were show quality but he has too much black on him for show but should make good show babies.
Aracauna hens $20each. These lay blue eggs.
Fertile eggs are $25 dozen, when available. Aracauna or Hamburghs.

These prices will be reveiwed throughout the year but they are fair for now I think.
I need to (play nice little wifey so Hubby will) make some decent signs up as the other ones have faded and are hard to read.

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