Friday, January 8, 2010

Australorp Update.

I emailed the lady that I bought *Australorp* eggs from again this morning asking for a refund as the eggs she sold me were not pure Australorps like she led me to believe.

She refuses to, says she is willing to take the Plymouth Rocks back IF they are female and swap them for Australorp girls. But not if they are roosters. She admitted to having a PR rooster so the eggs I bought weren't pure but she will not refund. My loss apparently but lesson learned.

If anyone asks me about where I got my eggs from I will be telling them to stay away from this seller down in Gelorup. I will also be sourcing another seller, this lady will miss out on a couple of hundred dollars from me in egg and pullet sales.

What do you think would be the fair thing to do? Was I expecting too much from her regarding a refund?

Oh well, back to the drawing board. Or chooks for sale boards anyway.


  1. I think you should contact Docep (or whatever they are called now), and find out from them what your options are.

    Firstly, not all of the eggs hatched (or were even fertilised, were they), then they weren't all the breed they were supposed to be, and finally she won't take them back the incorrect breed if they are roosters, which is not your problem considering they were not what you paid for.

    I don't always take action, but I think in this case I would, as she has really given you very little of what you paid for.

    I guess in the end though, it depends on whether you have the time and / or the inclination to continue to follow it up. You are already voting with your feet and going elsewhere, so she loses in the long-run.

  2. No, you weren't expecting too much. She should definitely give you back your money, and then stop lying to customers.