Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's Growing...

First some pretties. I was given some Bougainvillea cuttings a few years back much to Hubby's disgust. I told him not to worry they'd probably die but I was lucky, he wasnt, and now they are just gorgeous. I love them. But they do have thorns so I need to keep them pruned back from the chookshed door. And make sure to pick ALL the prunings up because they hurt when you tread on them with no shoes on. How do I know this? He told me. Oops.

These are the 2 biggest Rockmelons on this vine. There are 5 other smaller ones. I thought this plant was an Apple Cucumber until the fruit started getting bigger. (I tell ya, I'm good!) The other plant that I was also sure was a Cucumber but is the same Rockmelon only has one melon of decent size and a few tiny ones just coming on. Planted at the same time but different areas of the garden. The better growing vine is in the big tank garden bed and the other is in the ground. I thought the inground one would do better but what do I know.

PEANUTS. I bought the seeds from Diggers and planted 4 seeds on the 11Oct. '09. One came up first but then died after these ones emerged. They have yellow flowers that grow down into the ground and make the peanut. I need to research them again as I kinda remember something about them needing lots of Calcium. Something to get onto.

'Twill be cool if I can grow peanuts.

This is a Zucchini plant, planted from seeds I collected last year from a giant Zuke/marrow. It is growing better than any of the plants from seeds that I bought. Looks healthy, produces the most fruit...Why did I bother forking out money for ones from Diggers? Only trouble with it is the chooks sometimes get into this area and they eat them. .

This is the second Rockmelon, it has 1 decent sized fruit and a couple of these small ones.
Maybe it needs a decent feed.

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