Friday, October 11, 2019

I hate the grass. I love the grass.

Over the last 2 months I have achieved...Nothing. 

It is now Spring time and the gardens should all be cleared out and packed with stuff to eat...Or at the very least, ready to be planted with stuff to eat in the future...But no.  While I did clear a bed or two the grass has just grown back.  And that's my excuse you see.  Grass, not normal easy to pull out weeds but grass that has roots all the way to some place deep in the dirt.  And these are raised beds that were lined with inches of cardboard.  But still, after years of being there the grass made a move in and I have never gotten on top of it hence the problem I have now.  I don't like spraying poison, which I know will kill the grass that is there, so I need to spend more than the odd 20 minutes that I am now to actually work on them and get it removed. Then start again I suppose...

Husband has built some smaller beds in the chook pen, with netting to keep the chooks out but I haven't even started anything in them yet.  While he did start and now has a massive amount of potatoes growing.  It seems that he who does, gets.

We have cows out in the back paddock and they eat grass.  So I like that the grass continues to be abundant out there for them, and the neighboughs let them go into their paddock so each area is rested while the grass grows back.  But around the house, lots of grass, no matter the season it needs mowing all the time.  Over and over and over and...well, you get the picture.  So son bought a couple of sheep so I wouldn't have to mow everywhere, all the time.  They have 4 areas that they are rotated to so I don't have to mow so many areas all the time.  I mow the area when they are moved to a clean area and that short grass and sheep droppings are mowed and used on the gardens or in growing areas.  So my area that needs mowing is way smaller than what it was a couple of years ago but still quite big.  So I mow and feed the clipping to the chooks as free chookfood, or give it to the sheep or the cows if they are close.  Mostly I just empty the catchers into the chook pens and let them deal with it in what ever manner they want, eating or scratching in it and spreading it around the pens.  It eventually turns into dirt that I dig up and use in the gardens.

Grass is green, here it is green all year round without any watering from us.  I like that.  I like that everything always looks green and is cool during Summer.  I like that we can go outside and feel grass under our feet.

Grass hides snakes.  I don't like that snakes can slither around out there and I can't see where they go.  This is quite a common occurrence because I always wait until the grass is too long before I get out there with the mower.

 So though I don't like mowing all the time I like the grass and the many uses that it has.  And in saying that, guess what a job for today is?  Yep, I gotta get out there and mow that grass!

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