Thursday, July 5, 2018

Raining. Cats and Dogs

It's been raining, lots and lots of raining.  Our yard is ankle deep in water.  But hopefully all the dams in the area are filling up so there will be plenty of water come Summer. 

And I am dog-sitting again and feel bad when it is cold and wet and he is outside.  But he is an outside dog and I have been told by the owners not to let him in.  He used to be able to come into the sunroom but then Billie came.  Billie is a cat and Booker doesn't like cats.  Well, Billie doesn't like dogs either and as the sunroom is now a part of Billies area...poor Booker.  But last night there was thunder and lots and lots of rain so I locked the cat inside and put the dog in the sunroom.  Today, the cat needs access to sunroom so dog will need to be outside.  Where there is a back patio roof he can be under, on the mat where it is dry, or there are sheds he can go in.   If he wants to, though I think I want him under cover more for me than him as he sleeps out in the weather a lot when he is here and his owners say he does the same up there. 

Today, I'd rather be the cat, home and inside under cover where it is dry and warmish.   Not the dog who is outside where it is wet and not warmish at all.   But I won't be here, I am at Vinnies again.  And I have no gas for a hot shower when I get home and the fire went out so I too will be cold when I get home.  More like the dog than the cat. 


  1. Dogs who are outside dogs often do not want to be indoors. Our dog would walk around in the rain when she had a house. I know some people think it is cruel. But, if a dog has shelter, food, and water, he will be fine. Our dog would gladly live inside our house, but that was because the kids were in here. If the kids lived in the yard, she would want to live there.

    1. Hi Linda. I know this dogs is OK out there but I worry for him. But then, I worry for the cows and sheep too and they all have shelter if they want to get under it...haha, maybe it's just me?!