Friday, May 26, 2017

My List

Sink - Clear and clean
Bed - Put away all the clothes that are on his side.
Lounge seating area - cleared and vacuumed.
Dust TV and that area
Bench 1 - clear
Bench 2 - clear
Bench 3 - clear
Clothes rack - put dry clothing away
Tidy this desk
Put sewing box somewhere
Block of beeswax - decide where it's going and put it there. 
Table - Why is this always full of *stuff*?   Clear table
Put 2 vacuum cleaners away.   Where though? 
Sort through box near bathroom
Where can I keep my toolbag?

I am beginning to see that half my problem is that I have nowhere to put things.  And no, it's not that I have too much stuff.  Really.

Sunroom:  Started here as it's lovely and warm out there.
Clear seating area.  9.30  Now has damp washing as the sun is making this area very warm.
Sort jackets, rehang those we need to keep.  How many jackets do 2 people need?  9am
Put sheep food and chook food back out in the shed where it goes  9am
Pick up rubbish
Vacuum  9.30 but I have been outside checking on chooks and chickens...
Refill honey box  9.15  Will do more important stuff first.
Find somewhere for the books, maybe just box them up until shelves are built  9am
Find a lidded container for all my shoes and use it.  I *may* have too many shoes  9am
What is in the laundry basket out there?   Not much of anything useful.  9.10 am
It's 10.15 and getting quite warm in the sunroom now.  I'll finish the northern main seating area then start inside.

Rake out sheep pen and put in dry straw
Empty my car
Vacuum my car

This looks like a long list but most of this stuff shouldn't take long.  It's bad that I haven't done most of it already.

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