Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feeling Cranky.

Today I am a real ol' CrankyBum.  To be honest I have been for a while now and I'm not really sure why.  I have reasons and some of them are my own doing so of course I'm not going to own up to them ones.  The other ones are because some people are idiots.  Proper idiots that I'd rather not deal with but sometimes have to.   But I shouldn't let their idiotness affect how I feel, that's just dumb.  And some people have other ideas on what a plan should be, what would be a fun thing to do...so in the end no-one does anything...

I have a birthday coming up soon and of the everything that I was going to do since the last one...I have done nought.  I have done nothing of the plans I had for this month, last month, the months before.  And to be honest again, will probably not get next months plans done either.  Even my had for ages birthday plan is now not going to happen and I'm real cranky about that.  I have made a new plan but it depends on husbands plans when he gets home from 8 days away.  On how long he is home for, if he will now have time to fit in my new plan...Maybe I need to sort out a back-up plan...

So why not, why haven't I followed through with anything?  Why make plans if I don't follow through with them?  Dunno.  I don't know why I let things slide, not sure why I don't follow through...It's not like these plans are going to cost a lot of money, it's not like there is too much hard work involved...

One plan was to get fitter.  That has been my plan for years and I still haven't just got on and done it.   I went for a bike ride yesterday...only around the corner, less that a kilometre, and by the time I reached my destination I was huffing and puffing and feeling a bit crook.  I am now the unfittest that I have been in a long while and all because I am too lazy to do something, anything, every day.  The sad thing is if I did get out and do something, anything, then I maybe wouldn't be so damn cranky!!

I planned on getting the van cleaned out and serviced then going up to Lane Poole, just for an overnight stay and a bushwalk.  Nope, I moved the van closer to the shed to make it easier to clean and it's been there now for 2 weeks with grass growing up around it and all the dust and spiders and mess still inside...Went to move it yesterday and the battery is dead!  I haven't been away anywhere, haven't taken the van anywhere, nor even caught the train for a day out in Perth.   All because I am too damn Sooky to go by myself.  Dumb.  Stupid.   And I have no friends to go with...probably because I am so damn cranky all the time!!

I know what I need to do to get out of the CrankyBum stage, know I will feel better all round when I stick to the plan...but for some dumb reason I choose not to. 

Do you ever feel cranky for no good reason?  Tell me what you do to get over it.  And I am open to any and all ideas on how to make a plan and actually stick with it so that some of the crankiness wont occur in the first place.  Thanks.


  1. I feel cranky when I realize I have not lost weight, not gotten fitter, not gotten surgery, and not fixed my social life nor my house. Is that enough for you? You know I just blog about every little thing, little victories, little ideas. That cheers me up. I have a 50th high school reunion coming up in October, and that makes me even crankier in my head. I rarely show my crankiness to others. Okay, maybe I do.

    One day many years ago, I made up my mind to walk every day. I walked one mile every morning and night. I did this for nine months. Only rainy, frigid weather and the lack of proper shoes and clothing made me stop. But, I just did it.

    Making a list lights a fire under me. Maybe that is what we both need. Okay, lists don't always work.

    Maybe you are depressed? When I wonder that about myself, I just get up and do what I should because I doubt very seriously I am depressed. I just cannot walk even a block without severe pain.

    As for husband and plans, impress on him how badly you want what you want. Write it out, a scenario or a list. With that in hand, surely he will be helpful. Maybe your plans can be implemented at a later date that he will be able and willingly to work with.

  2. Take some magneeeeeeeeeeeeeesium.
    Seriously. I know it's a pill, and blah to pills, but blah to being cranky too so trade-off?
    What about just walking to the bridge every day? Just for a month. Just to SEE if it's worth it.

  3. Hi Barb, sorry to read how you're feeling. I can't contribute anything positive except to say that, yeah, crankiness happens - it's ok to feel like that at times, don't beat yourself up about it too much.
    On the other hand, we can keep on accepting a lot things in our lives that we think are annoying but minor ... or that you just put it all down to crankiness. They can build up and before you know it and they can literally take over your daily life.
    Sometimes a chat to the Dr might help. You might get referred to a professional to have a chat, sometimes it may only take one or two visits, but, boy, it can make a difference.
    You're not alone in feeling how you do. Make sure you speak up and don't suppress how you feel.
    Hugs and good wishes :D)

  4. Sometimes making plans actually makes crankier because we have out more jobs on ourself and we have more to fail and beat ourselves up about. So maybe only work on one thing?

    Or look at the things you have done. And know you've done a lot.

  5. Thanks everyone. I am going to try the walk to bridge thing. Would try the magneeeeeeeeeeeeeesium if I had some...do I? I used to...Yes, found them, took one...And husband came home last week with the idea of going away for a couple of days and that matched my plan! Was good, some crankiness gone. And I like lists, they show me what I have done and sometimes it is more than I remember. New month coming up, I will work on this, thanks.