Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Capsicum Jam.

We have heaps of Capsicums at the moment and I happened to see a few different recipes for Capsicum Jam so thought that I'd have a go at making some too.

The recipes that I had seen though had ingredients that I didn't have here or that I don't eat so I had to do what I always do and change them to use what I had.

I had capsicums. I had the vinegar and sugar.  I also had chokos and even though none of the recipes included those I figured they wouldn't hurt.

I chopped up the capsicums, maybe half a dozen red and a couple of green.  Most of the seeds were removed but not all.   I chopped up 2 peeled chokos.  If I was using small chokos I wouldn't worry about peeling them but these were quite big.  That was all put in a pot with a cup of vinegar and a cup of sugar and boiled until it thickened.  I didn't take notice of how long it took as it was on the wood stove and I just kept coming back to give it a stir now and then.
When I thought it was reduced enough I put it into sterilised jars and put the lids on. 
OK, something didn't work here, usually the lids pop down and they are good to store but this time no popping down.  Seeing as I only had 3 smallish jars though I am keeping it in the fridge and they will be gone within a few weeks.

I think it would make a nice dip if added to yoghurt.  It is nice on crackers, it's nice with cheese, it's nice stirred through soup, it's nice on meat...I like it.

I intend making some more but next time I will add onions and some chillies as well.  Because I have them here.  And that's what I do.


  1. I make pepper jelly with cayenne peppers. It is great on a cracker spread with cream cheese. I imagine the chokos take away some of the heat by diluting the mixture.

    In the US, we never can in the things you do and expect it to seal and be ssfe. However, Brits and Australians don't seem to be dying of what we fear will kill us.

    I, too, use what I have.

  2. Delish served warm over a up ended tub of cream cheese - so good!