Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Vegetable Challenge. Feb.

Our challenge is to not buy vegetables during 2010, if we want to eat it then I have to grow it.

Well it is the end of Feb and s
o far this year we have not bought any vegetables at all. It hasn't beent that hard and there was nothing that we wanted but couldn't have though there were things that we didn't want but had to have. lol. Like all those cucumbers. Who knew that you'd get so many from only a few plants.
Maybe there should have been more lettuce. OK, yes there should have. I am happy to have spinach as a salad veg but if Hubby had of been home more we would have needed lettuce. He likes the hearting types though and I cannot grow them during summer but that is when we want them. They bolt in the hot weather and this year I think I managed 4. That's not a lot of salad, even when mixed with anything else that was green. The other type, the leafy ones that you keep picking leaves off all the time, grow and survive much better. There aren't a lot left out there though so next year I'll need to grow heaps more.

We have stuff growing that we will eat over the next few weeks but I need to get stuff started now so we have food over the colder months. Most stuff that I have planted over the last few weeks has not germinated and seed that I had in seedling trays on a table under a tree... Well the wind that we had Friday night and Sat has blown them all off so they are gone. Today I will plant more and put them under the table.
I may have to resort to buying some seedlings but will wait and see if this lot survives.

FRUIT was not a part of the challenge this year as most of our trees are too young and not supplying heaps yet but we have also had plenty of fruit over the last couple of months and I have not *had to* buy any but I think I bought bananas once when I was out and needed something to eat.

With a bit of extra work we could probably supply the basics of fruit, veg, meat but I think for now I will just get out there and plant some seeds so we can succeed with the vegetables.

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