Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's A Big One.

We have a few Zucchini plants growing but not all are doing too well. I have pulled out a couple of sick looking ones over the last week and there is another one that will need to go as well I think.

But one plant is growing really well. It has a zuke on it that I am letting grow to see how big it gets. Just now, Sat 6Feb, 6.04pm it is 23inches long and 16 inches around the biggest part. What's that in old money? Dunno.
Just looked at the tape-measure and the cm numbers are really small but I think it says it is around 59cm long and 41cm around.
I have put a 375ml can of lemonade up against it to try and show how big it is.

I will let it keep growing to see how big it gets and will eventually use the seeds for next year.
Here's hoping the chooks don't get to it.

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