Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Was Flashed.

Yep, flashed by a speed camera. But I WAS NOT speeding. And that's the truth. Hubby says I must have been or the camera wouldn't have flashed me. I was sure that the cameras would be around this area, school zone, as it was the first week back at school and the cameras are quite often in this spot so I was keeping a real close eye on the speedo and was definately under 40kph. It is double lanes here and I was being passed but Hubby says it would have been me that the camera saw. There was a cop a bit further along from the camera with a speed gun as well so I don't know what he was about.

I do know I always go slower that the limit and that I get passed by just about every other car going in the same direction but am not sure if it's worth fighting as I don't know if my speedo is correct.

I will now await and see if they send out a ticket.


  1. I think they normally get a short sequence of shots, so it will show clearly that the other car was moving faster than you.

    Whether they can get a registration for him/her or not, the officer who views the photos should rule you out.

  2. I have been flashed before Barb but no fines. So sometimes you get flashed but you don't always get a fine! It may of been another driver that caused the flash!
    Here's hopping!