Sunday, February 7, 2010

Keeping Things Tidy Would Make Things Easier.

I have been unwell for the last week or so and the house is a tip. The yard is a tip. I am a tip.

Found out last night that I will have visitors this morning but don't know what time yet I am sitting here having a coffee. It is 6.30am.

It will be nice to see these people again as it has been a few months but I supose I better get up and clear the table so they have somewhere to sit. I don't know if they will be here for lunch or not so may have to get something sorted just in case. Nothing fancy mind you, it is afterall me doing this, but eggs and salad to go with the crabs the guys are hoping to catch...Just in case.

I really need a nice sitting area outside and it is one thing that I need to add to our list for this year.

The blokes picked up Hubby sometime after 9 this morning and I was told that the women would be here this afternoon, around 1. It is getting close to that now. The table is clear and clean so we do have somewhere to sit if they want to. The house is no longer a tip, it is reasonable but I haven't worried about any food, I presume they'll have something before they get here seeing as it is now so late and lunch wasn't mentioned so I'm thinking I don't need to do anything.

Had a daughter and her bloke out here this morning so didn't get anything done outside and not too fussed now. lol.

Well the women didn't get here until after 2 just before the crabbers arrived back here so not much of a visit with them. One of them did say that they should have left earlier as they were only drinking coffee up there. So why didn't they come earlier and have a proper visit? I don't know but I do seem to have that affect on people. She did mention that she had to feed the animals and water and *do her chores* but we all had to do that so maybe they just pretend to like me. lol. Not too fussed about that anymore either. Twelve months ago I would have felt upset and unloved but I have grown up since then. lol.

The blokes caught their quota of crabs and we had *lunch* of crabs and bread around 3ish. I only had some crab meat as I don't eat white muck bread and I am not allowed my grainy stuff this week.

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