Monday, February 22, 2010

I Had A Sleepover.

I had a sleepover last night and got paid for it.

A few days ago I was sitting here minding my own business, but reading about other peoples, when I was interupted by the phone. It was a woman that I used to work for about 3 years ago and she wanted to know if I could look after her 2 girls all day, all night and drop them off at school the next morning and if so how much would I charge to do that. I did not know what to ask so went on to the Simple Savings website (I am a member there) and ask what the people there thought. The amounts that were suggested varied a lot but I did have a minimun amount that I thought would be OK and that was the same as what a few of the people had suggested. I rang the lady, said I wasn't sure what would be fair to us both, gave her my amount plus 10. She said that they were thinking $170 so they would go with that. So I ended up with an extra $20 than my min and we were both happy.

The kids were no problem and it was great to see this family again. These are the sort of people that would make great friends but once I stopped working for them I didn't see them again. The call was a surprise but nice that they thought of me.

A bonus is that this woman is friends with some people that breeds pure Black Australorps, the type of chook that I want to eventually breed here. She says that she may be able to get me some fertile eggs and if she can do that it will be fantastic. I will give her some honey as a thankyou as she said that she misses getting it from us. So fingers crossed for that.

The money thing though was a bit of a worry. I found it hard to know what would be a fair amount to us both and knew that I couldn't afford what I thought was OK but not knowing what people pay for this sort of thing made it hard. Even now what I received seems like a lot of money.

What would you pay? I was there from 10am one day until 8.30am the next so 20 hours but the kids were in bed for 11 of those.


  1. I know what you mean, but the fact is, you were there, you couldn't go anywhere else, and you were responsible.

    Perhaps it may have been different if you were still in touch regularly, but if it is offered as a business proposition, it would be silly not to go with it.

    I'm not sure what I would pay, mainly because I couldn't afford that either. I'm lucky that I have helpful family close by, and some good friends who would stand in, in such a situation.

    Well, now you get to decide what to do with the "bonus" money ....

  2. Oo, I am hoping to get Australorps when my back yard is ready!