Friday, February 12, 2010

I Thought I Was Kinda Healthy But...

I have been to to doctor and had more tests this year then in the last 10, since the round of tests to tell me I had Fybromyalgia. I thought I was quite healthyish, apart from the fat and unfit bit and the chest pains and not being able to breath stuff.

At the end of last year I learned that I have no iron and very low red blood cells, the reason for the pains and not being able to breath so was put on iron tablets. After another blood test there was no change so testing to find out why began.

The doc also felt that I have an enlarged liver so after a scan on that yes it is enlarged also surrounded by fat as is my pancreas and I have gallstones.

Wednesday was the cameras down and up and that tells me that I have an ulcer!

I also have an enlarged uterus so am getting a scan on that next week.

It seems like I was better off before the first bloodtest. lol.

I have kept up the moving though and can walk further than I could 3 months ago and I am riding the bike as well. If the next bloodtest shows no or little change then I will ask for an iron injection or an infusion. After all, that is really all I wanted. Enough energy to be able to walk and get fit and if that tkes a jab in the bum then so be it.

Our diet is mostly healthy, we eat fresh unprocessed food that we grow ourselves so that is not the main problem but getting enough iron through diet is bloody hard.

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