Friday, February 19, 2010

Hair Care.

I have just given myself a haircut. As I do every few months when it starts to bug me.

It has been years since I went to a hairdressers and sometimes when I hear or read what someone has paid to have their hair done I actually cringe. It hurts me to know that people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars on a cut and colour. I must be a sadsack as it is none of my business but I don't understand it.

No doubt there are people that cringe when they see my hair. It is shortish, cut with clippers that Hubby made an extension for and hasn't had shampoo or conditioner on it for more than 2 years. It's been longer than that since it was coloured.

I do wash it though, under the shower, a few times a week, with plain water. Sometimes I give it a spray with white vinegar. I do it this way as I am trying to do without chemicals and this is an easy way of cutting some out.

We do Hubby's hair with the clippers as well though we cut his a lot shorter. And he doesn't do his as often as I think he should! I think his should also be done when it starts to bug me. lol.

Over the years we have probably *not spent* heaps of money by doing things this way but as that money is not banked it is not really saved.

Some people use Bi-Carb as a way of cleaning their hair and the vinegar as a rinse but as I am a tad slack I decided that using nothing would be easier. And cheaper!

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