Friday, February 26, 2010

Save The Cow.

I have been *preserving* food over the last few days, Wednesday was all the fruit that we had picked, mainly Rockmelon, Pepino and Passionfruit, today it is meat.

Now we preserve our meat by freezing it and that is what we had done with this lot too but it was in a freezer at Daughter T's house and I didn't know that. Somehow though, last night, yesterday, sometime, that freezer came unplugged.

I had the frantic phone call at lunch time today so went in and collected it all.

I have spent the afternoon cooking it all up.

Some was still frozen but most was nealy thawed but still cold so I figured we'd be able to save most of it.

A lot of steak, even some T Bone but mainly mince. I have cooked it up, that took a long time as I only have an electric frypan so I could only do a bit at a time.

The bad thing about this is that I have been saying to Hubby over the last few weeks that we had no meat left and he needed to do the pig or another cow but he kept telling me the freezer still had heaps of meat in it. I finally changed tactics and asked him to get me some meat out of the freezer. And whadayaknow? There wasn't any!! And talking to T this morning I learned that she had some at her house because it didn't all fit in our freezer when we did it so I asked her to bring it out next time she came. Pity I didn't ask sooner.
I actually made Lentil patties for tea earlier in the week because we didn't have any meat.
Anyway I now have heaps of cooked meat in the freezer, enough to last until the pig gets the chop. Or is that us that will be getting the chop? Do you get chops from a pig? The questions that clog my brain...

With the Rockmelon and Pepino we smooshed it all up together and it tasted quite nice, better than the fruit on it's own. Hubby tasted it and thought it needed something else so he added some passionfruit. That made it so nice. It is all frozen now but I am not really sure what it will be used for. I am not a juice drinker but may use it for dessert. Maybe a sorbet type thing, maybe just eat it with a spoon as it is.

I have been freezing the passionfruit in icecube trays and have a few bags of that in the freezer as well. Once again though, there is only so much passionfruit you can eat and we need ideas for using it. The grandaughter eats some when she is here and I have a few each day but that still leave us with heaps. We don't eat jams or many desserts, we don't bake...
I will try and make some passionfruit cordial soon but I don't drink cordial and Hubby is a coke man. He says he will try it though so that's a start.

I now need to go and collect todays lot so more pulp freezing to come.

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