Friday, February 19, 2010

This Weeks Pickings.

This is some of the food that I have picked over the last few days and I now need to decide what to do with it all.
There's Zuchinni, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Passionfruit, Watermelon, Rockmelon, Figs, Peaches, Strawberries.
I've eaten some Beans and Asparagus.
Pepinos need to be picked as do the grapes.
I have given away 5 Eggplant with more to go.

Next week there will be another heap to deal with. The fridge still has stuff in it from last week. I really need a gas stove and some preserving skills.

We have picked these Butternuts over the last fortnight and there are still more to come.

I will probably freeze most of it until the cooler weather when I will light the woodstove and cook it up.

So far this year we have not had to buy any fruit or vegetables. Or eggs. I can't see us needing to buy anything for quite some time. The only meat I have bought this year was a twin pack of chickens.

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  1. Wow that's pretty impressive pickings there!