Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Killer Cat.

I think I have a Killer Cat living here. I found a dead rabbit in the garden this morning and it wasn't there last night but I don't know which cat it would be.
I see Straycat with mice much more often than Rufus but Rufus is a bigger cat and this small rabbit is a lot bigger than a mouse.
A few months ago I found a dead rabbit on the driveway so I supose this one was despatched by the same cat. I'd feel better if the rabbits were being killed for food but it doesn't look like it.
We may have to set traps and catch them ourselves if the numbers are growing, at least that way someone will get a feed from them and if we let them breed up around here then they may encourage the foxes to come back. I haven't heard a fox since the ducks were sold and I'd like to keep it that way.
I don't want rabbits around here either as they would eat all the food we are growing for ourselves.
I now need to decide which tree to dig a hole under to bury it so at least it will be put to good use as a fertilizer. Most of the trees that are easy to dig around already have chooks helping them to grow so I am off to have a look and do some burying.

I couldn't find a tree so I cheated and dug the hole right next to the rabbit so it is buried between 2 Capsicum plants. At least he is not wasted now.
RIP little bunny.

I know a lady that is into raising chooks and growing fruit trees and vegetables but when one of her chooks dies she throws it in the bin. I see that as such a waste as the animal would do a lot more good decomposing under a fruit tree than rotting in a plastic bag at some rubbish dump. I think that what has once lived can live again as a food for our food. I also know that some people are turned off by dead animals but it is all a part of lifes cycle.
Wouldn't it be great if we could be mulched up and spread around the garden when we go? Or buried at the base of our favorite tree?

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  1. Barb I too have a bunny or two buried under trees. they do seem to love it, and now I am thinking maybe I should pick up some of the fresh road kill that abounds around our neck of the woods.