Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

It's Valentines Day, another way of getting people to spend money on stuff that they don't really need. We don't *do* V.D.

We sometimes do our wedding anniversary though so we are going out for the day to celebrate that. We are going over to Mandurah to the markets at the forum and then on the way home we will go to a place called Abingdon Miniture Village in Barragup.
I have been wanting to go to this place for years so Hubby said that's where we're going. The markets started at 7 so we better have our coffee then get going.

Home again after a very nice day out.
I love markets and swapmeets, I really shouldn't go to them but as today was a special occasion we went and spent some money. We bought a few things we needed, a few more that I wanted. Now I really do need to organize a garage sale. It will make room and repay the coffers.

I am not very good with directions and mazes are way too confusing for me so this is a set-up picture of me just inside the exit of the maze at Abingdon. No way was I going all the way in by myself. Been there, done that and those that say that you can't get lost in a maze are not telling the whole truth.Twentythree years of marriage does take its toll but we're still happy with each other so that's good.


  1. Thanks Jilly, we had a great day. It was a bit too hot but you expect that during summer.


  2. Aww what a cute picture of you two!!