Monday, February 15, 2010

Egg Stealers.

Something has been taking the eggs from the pens behind the shed for a couple of months now and we need to find out what it is and get rid of it. We had a bandicoot in the area a few months back, could be that. Could be a rat but I don't think we have those here. It could be King Skinks and this is what I am learning towards. We have seen heaps of these around the place the last month or so, even had one in the house, and we know there is at least one in the shed that these pens butt up against. So I need ideas on how to *get rid if them* without hurting them. I have no idea how many there are all up and if we just trap and shift them out the back then what are the chances of them going back to this area?

I have thought of adding chilli to some eggs to see if that works on them but it never worked on eggeating chooks so I don't know. How sensitive are KS's?

We really need to get it sorted though otherwise we are feeding and keeping these chooks for no return.

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