Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pergola building.

Hubby has been busy the last couple of days building a pergola over the bridge that leads out to the dam. He put the posts up last year and bought the rest of the wood he needed last week so was all ready to go. And go he did. He started yesterday and had it finished by lunchtime today.

Nothing like standing on a ladder and using a chainsaw to trim your posts. Lucky the Health and Saftey Officers weren't around.

Here he is cutting the long length of wood into shorter peices to go across the middle. I *helped* by standing on the end of the board to hold it steady.

And the finished product. He put weldmesh over the top to suport the grapevine that we will plant come wintertime.

I think the whole thing looks pretty darn good and have put in an order for 2 more out in the dam area.

Eventually this one will have a gate across the front and railing down the sides.

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