Saturday, February 20, 2010

Do Not Send Me Out AloneTo Do What Needs Doing.

I have come in for breakfast. In the 2 hours that I have been outside I have planted corn, cabbage and carrots. That's it.

My problem is that I cannot stick to the one thing until it is finished, I find other stuff that *needs* doing and I start on that but then there is something else that must be done.

I changed my mind about where I was going to put the corn so had to dig over and water that area and because I was going to have that particular hose on I *had to* dig over an empty fridge garden as it needed to be wettasoiled. While getting the garden fork I saw that a pile of peaches had dropped off the tree and as the pig was carrying on I picked them up to feed to him. On the way to the pigpen I noticed the old onions had fallen over so I srunched all their seeds into the bed they were in but needed a shovel to cover them with extra dirt. The shovel I needed was in the chookpen and while in there the new chickens had to be seen to.

So now it is getting too hot out there for me but I still need to water the front gardens, feed the chooks and finish planting the seeds. But I really needed something to eat first.

So the breakfast part is done so back out and into it. Wonder how *little* I will get done this time.

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  1. I too get distracted very easily, and it was 24 here at 8am, so I watered the garden which takes me an hour and then had a shower as we were expecting a friend. It was hot and still is so easy to get distracted when your garden is a wealth of lovely things and ideas and
    I hope your little is great!