Monday, March 8, 2010

Too Much Too Do But It's Coffee Time.

It's 10.15am here and once again I am having trouble sticking to one thing and getting it finished.
I need to get more seeds in, I need to mow, edges need doing, 2 chooks need to be unbroodied, there's more mowing to do, more edges, the shed needs to be cleaned out so the guys can do the pig and mostly it is my *stuff*
Hubby started shifting things around in the garden shed for me a couple of weeks ago but now I have to decide where I want stuff and get that organised. A lot of the stuff from the old shed will go in to the GS but I need to get that done so I can put the stuff from the OS away. Loud cry of frustration here!

Now I am in here writing this and you all can see how I am not out there doing anything about it. Bad Barb. But I have been out there all morning, well since 7ish, kinda doing stuff, wondering what to do, mooching around the place... see I've done lots already and now I need a coffee.

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