Saturday, March 6, 2010

Strawberry Guavas

Some of the Strawberry Guavas are starting to ripen
A few years ago I bought 4 SG seedlings from a stall at our local markets. I had no idea what they were but thought they would make good shade in the chookpens with the bonus of free food for the chooks if we didn't eat them. When we bought them they were maybe 8 inches high and cost $2 each. After getting them home and thinking about them I decided that they would make a nice hedge and hide the machinery across the road so went back into town to buy some more however the lady had left and I haven't seen her back there since.
They are now taller than us and growing really well. Three are anyway, the 4th has fruit on it but is in the front orchard and surrounded by grass so is not growing much at all. It needs weeding and mulching and more chooks fertilising it.
Yesterday I was out in one of the pens and saw that some of the the fruit was ripe. It is only a small fruit but OK to eat, not something I'd buy though, they aren't that good.

I have tried growing them from seeds but haven't succeeded yet but will keep trying and will eventually get some going though I have since planted some other things to form the hedge.

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