Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Already.

So it is aready Friday and another week has nearly gone by without me getting all I wanted done.  The grass and edges were looking good on Monday evening after T and her fella left but since then I have been doing stuff out there so there are bits and pieces laying around the place, including all the grass that I pulled out of the gardens and the bits of plants that I have hacked off.  
Why don't I clean up as I go, it would keep things looking halfway decent and save a lot of rushing to a deadline like tomorrow morning when I have someone coming to pick up some eggs so I need to clean up the driveway and pathway so she doesn't trip over and break her leg and sue us.

Thinking about it though, I wasn't home Tuesday or Thursday so going by the mess out there I did get a lot done on Wednesday, there is a lot of mess, but I also did some whippersnippering in the orchard out front.  Some of the grass in there was thigh high, still is in places so I plan to do some more this evening.
I also put some more seeds in, not as many as I planned to as the phone rang then I went onto something else, as I do unfortunately but more will be planted today.

This morning I have weeded some more and as it is a lovely cool day I have liguid fertilisd some of the vege beds out the back.  I was going to pull out some horrible looking, powdery mildew infested zucchinis but a couple of them have small zukes on them so I just trimmed them up and they are looking a lot better.

I did pull up the dead cucumber plants and now have only 2 young ones left, one is looking good, has lots of flowers and some small fruit, the other plant, not so good but it may give us a feed or two so I am leaving it for the time being.

I have come in for lunch and have been watching Italian Safari, I taped it last night.  So many yummy things were being made on there, I hope I remember to tape it each week as I like those kind of programes.  I left the tape running and now there is a gardening show on, looks good so I will have a coffee while it is on.  It looks like it will be about turning your backyard into a food growing area. 

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