Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stormy Weather.

We had a massive thunderstorm last night and it brought heaps of rain with it so all the gardens are looking good.  Pity I didn't have any seedlings to put in, I think they would have done alright.  Only downside is the grass that was mowed last Monday and looks like it's ready be mowed again, will grow quicker.

We had no power for a few hours but did have plenty of candles so at least we weren't sitting in the dark.  Went out the back and the lightning show was brilliant but the rain was too wet so had to go back in.

Son came out, said he'd been driving around town having a look at the damage and mentioned the highway being under water and the shops getting flooded so me being the sticky beak interested person that I am I got him to take me for a drive.  I learned that he drives too fast and it is scarier being in the car with him than with his sister.  I think he  is a better driver though, he has the experience of bush bashing behind him.  The water had dropped a lot but you still couldn't see the footpath or the bottom of the shop door and walls.  Poor buggers would have had a mess to clean up this morning.

We gave him some candles to take home with him and I am thinking that I need to pull my finger out and start making some so we all have a good supply on hand.   I have a block of beeswax and a roll of wick somewhere so no excuses.

Had a walk around the place this morning and no damage here but have just seen some news showing some of the mess that Perth copped.  I feel for all those people, I would hate to have that happen here.

Weather guy says we will get some hot days this week so I am hoping that we get some mushrooms from the back paddock.  I will need to keep checking so if they do come up I get them before the cows trample them.

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