Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Sleepover.

I am not long home from another *sleepover* looking after the same kids as before but this time I was paid double the amount. Mind you I was there for double the time but still, not too shabby a deal.

Picked the girls up from their school at 3pm on Friday, home to their house and all was good until they asked what time Mun was going to get home. Oh dear, were these kids upset. It took a long time to get them settled and calm enough to go to sleep.

Saturday morning we had a too short play at the Fun Factory then back to their place for lunch. Talked them into going to a park during the afternoon so that got them away from the TV and out doing something. There was a baby Alpaca that kept getting under the fence and out of it's paddock so that was something different. Back home for showers and tea.

Then DRAMA and TEARS!!!!

There were a few drops of rain, hardly anything really but it caused the power to go off. Now it was getting dark, I am in someone else's house with no lights. No TV. No phone. A quick search finds us a torch, a bit of looking gets me some half used candles, some fumbling around gets me a box of matches. All set if it is the power but I checked the fusebox in case it was that. No such luck. So now the kids are crying because it's getting dark and they don't like the dark. Can't sleep in the dark, what happens if it stays dark...Takes a while but finally get a candle lit, go through a few more matches and get another one going, all the while saying what an adventure we are having, stop crying, go blow your nose, yes I'll come with you, yes you still have to go to bed if it is dark...We go outside to see if there are any lights on in other houses but no all is dark...AND THEN...there is light! The lights are back on, the TV is working, the kids are happy.
Until they realise that Mum is not home yet and they want Mum.

Sunday morning I get up at 6, sneak out to make a coffee, shut the doors to their end of the house, I am as quiet as a mouse. Then I hear them talking and figure I must have been a noisy mouse and they heard me. Or else they just wake up early too.

We have breakfast, I ask them what they want to do today, tell them watching TV all morning is not going to happen, suggest a walk. Tell them we are all going for a short walk so don't whinge about it, we will have fun.

Well we walked a lot furher than I intended and ended up at the Railway Markets but there weren't many stalls or people and I couldn't buy anything like plants as we were walking. Whose silly idea was that? Took the short way back, over the trafic bridge and ended up walking past an icecream shop. Had to go in for a look.
The mini Dutch Pancakes with maple syrup and cream were absolutey delecious and next time I won't be sharing! The icecreams were nice too but there are lots of things in there that I wouldn't mind trying. Might have to arrange a date-day. Might even wait 'til Hubby gets home so he can come too.

Back to the girls house but weren't there long when they wanted to go for another walk. I didn't really want to but couldn't say no as I am the one that's been telling them all weekend to get up and do something, so we took some bread and walked to the river to feed the ducks. Back home for lunch, get cleaned up and the parents get home. The kids were watching TV and one of them did get up to say hello and give them a cuddle.

And I came home, looked in on my chookie friends (not as many as when I left) and started on this.

All in all it wasn't a bad weekend and when the parents asked if I would be willing to do it again I said yes. One of the girls said no! but I hope that was because they missed their mum and not because I made them do stuff.

And I know what Hubby did while I was out having fun 'cause I now have to cook the roosters that are sitting in a bowl in the fridge. Yummo chook to eat during the week. Thanks Babe.

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