Sunday, March 28, 2010

Doing The Books.

Once agauin I have 3 or more things on the go at once with everything everywhere so I have decided to pick one job and get it finished.

I have picked  THE BOOKS.

A week ago, or 3 or 4 weeks ago I can't really remember, daughter L brought me out a box of books and they have been sitting on the floor behind the couch ever since.  The box was overfilled so the top ones had fallen off, grandaughters toys had been mixed in with them as she can't get to her shelf to put them away, clean washing  thrown put there as well instead of being put away.    What the!!

I started on the clothes this morning but some are still on our bed, that is the next job.

I'm not sorting every shelf today but I am hoping to get all the books off the floor and on a shelf with others of the same subject..  It is a dusty job though, not sure when this area was last dusted.  Not this year I don't think.  Bad Me.

But I have made a start and after lunch and a coffee I will get it finished.

Updates then.

I possibly have too many books but please don't let Hubby know that I said that.

I want to get the Grass Roots and the Earth Gardens magazines sorted and in seperate piles but that won't happen today.

There *may* be some books that I will get rid off.  But not today.

I know that there are at least 2 boxes of books in the shed that I want inside...but not today.

Today I will just get them off the floor and on a shelf.

Well, it's not finished, everything still needs sorting but it is as good as it's gunna get today.

I think I need to send the grandaughters teddies home with her as we also have a box of teddies and toys on top of these shelves for her to use when she is out here.

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