Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lentil Burgers.

I am going out for a bringaplate lunch on Monday and was thinking of doing mini quiche or savory eggs but someone else is doing a quiche so I have decided to take some Lentil Burgers. 

I have made these before and even Hubby said they weren't bad but this time I did them differently and I don't know if they are better or not.  I don't use recipes so never know how something will end up tasting.  I wanted to do something vegan in case DD was coming but have just found out that she is going away for a few days so won't be able to but I think I will still take some as I like them but may have to do something else as well.

In case anyone is interested here is what I did.

I cleaned out the crisper and grated heaps of vegetables, put 2 cups into the electric frypan and added a cup of raw red lentils.  There was a small amount of lentils left in the bag and I thought that there was no use keeping them so I added them too.  So another 1/4 cup.

Boiled it all up and cooked it until it was cooked.  I did add some Vegata powder but no amount, I just sprinkled some in as it was cooking.

When it was cool I mixed in a cup of rolled oats and let it sit while I was on the computer, so don't know how long for.

I then washed the pan, sprayed on some oil, dropped in some spoonfulls of mixture and starting cooking them.

I like them but...I don't know, I think they need something else.  They are really nice with Barbecue sauce on them.

DD and her husband came out and he said they were really nice,  she said that they were too soft in the middle.  Maybe I need to cook them longer, this is where not following a recipe has it's drawbacks.

I will try and make up some sort of sauce to go with them for the lunch on Monday.  Maybe a satay, will need to think on it.

Next time I will only use the 1 cup of lentils and maybe not so much water, maybe a dryer mix would be better.  I will also add some sweet chilli sauce for more flavour.

I only made little bite-size ones, if we were going to have them in a roll then they would need to be hamburger size.

I have enough for Mondays lunch with plenty to spare so I can freeze some for lunches during the week.


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  1. Hi Barb,

    They probably just need herbs or spices mixed in next time you cook.

    I have fresh chili, parsley and rosemary, so I would probably add a small chili. You probably have more to choose from than that. Otherwise check what dried herbs you have.