Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fun Factory

I am having another sleepover looking after the kids that I stayed with a few weeks ago and this morning we are going over to Mandurah to the Fun Factory so I must remember to take my socks as you need them to go on the equipment.

It's been a few years since I have been over there but I do remember one of the slides was quite scary. That's right people, a slide for kids was scary for me but being the brave little sausage that I am I went down it anyway and am hoping to have a go on it this morning as well. Wish me luck, hopefully I'll be back in one piece later with an update on how it goes.

OK. We are back, weren't there 35 minutes before the eldest wanted to come home. Being the meanie that I am though I told her we weren't leaving until both of them wanted to. Not sure if she went and talked to her sister but it wasn't long before she too wanted to leave. I was still mean and said an hour wasn't long enough there and we'd all go have a few slides before leaving. I was looking forward to some hot chips and a milkshake but I had told them I wasn't buying anything before 11 and if they wanted to leave they wouldn't get any. Didn't work, they still wanted to go. lol. We were there for less than an hour and a half.

The blue slide was still scary but after the 5 year old went down I had to as well to show the 7 year old that it was fun and nothing to worry about. I had to do the same with the orange slide. I will put here that although they weren't *scary* as such they were both very dark and enclosed and I only went down them to be brave in front of all the little kids waiting to have a go.

It was kinda fun and I wonder if the 2 and a half year old grandaughter would like it. I could take her over one day if her mother thinks she is old enough for it. The mother would have to come as well though and we could take the aunty as well. Are you up to it T and L?

This morning there was a birthday party going on so heaps of kids around and if I do go over again I'd like it to be a bit less busy.

This is one of those places that must make their money from selling food as no food was to be taken inside though we did take in our own water and weren't questioned.
I don't really like those sorts of places as we don't usually eat the types of food that they sell but I will start saving some coins so I have some extra dollars for the chips and milkshake that I missed out on today.


  1. Ooh fun factory! I'm up for it. I think J would love it.

  2. Fun Factory, Mandurah. Anyone else want to come?


  3. Yep I'm in too. Me thinks J would love it too.