Friday, April 4, 2014

I Will Write Something...

Well it's about time that I wrote something isn't it.  So I will tell you all that I have been doing.    There isn't much and the excitement wont get you out of your chair...Hang-on, maybe it will!  Look at something I did last week.
That was pretty darn exciting.  I have written about our trip away on my      I Wanna Wander blog.  Go over there to read all about it.  Go on, you know you want to...

Around here though, not much excitement...I have a new chicken.  Well it's a couple of weeks old now and I kinda thought there might be one as a chook had been sitting on a lone egg for ages, in the main chookhouse too so I'm surprised that others didn't add to her nest.  Anyway, one day I decided that I should give them some poultry mix and went into their pen.  After a bit I could hear this little cheepcheepcheeping...Looked around and there was a little yellow chicken, by itself making  lot of noise.  I cornered it and caught it and looked around to see which chook was getting antsy but none were so I took the chicken out.  That made the mumma come running.  I caught her and put them both in the enclosed chicken pen and they have been there with the others since.  The first 6 black chickens, the ones from different mums and different hatching days, are big enough to go into the main pen now and one day soon I might get around to doing that.  The 6 black chickens from 1 mumma are doing well too.  So a bakers dozen of new chooks coming up to lay us lots of eggs.  Not anytime soon but one day...Unless they are roosters, then it will be soup and not eggs that we eat.

I am trying to sort out labels for my honey so that I can sell it at the markets.  That is taking way too long and is not as easy as I thought it should be but I think I have nearly got it worked out.  Have got them sorted for the bigger 1kg tubs but putting the same information on a smaller label is not as easy.  And when I try and get it on the real small gift jars, that will surely do my head in.  The markets are on this Sunday, so I have this afternoon and tomorrow to work something out.  I did go over to Mandurah and buy a new printer and some sticker paper and will print some out this afternoon.  Photos will come if and when I get it finished.  Daughter T did come out and we priced some second hand stuff that we will also have on the stall but my mess is still out in the yard where we started.  I have had 3 days now to put it away and still haven't. 

The chokos that I want to sell are coming along nicely but I have no idea what price to put on them.  Last year chokos were selling for a min of $1 each and that was mid season when we were feeding ours to the cows!   these ones are smallish and I'm thinking 3 for $2...If they don't sell I will add them to stews so they wont be wasted.  Do you buy/eat chokos?  What do you think they are worth? I haven't seen any in the shops yet but I haven't really looked...will try and remember to go today before I come home.

I'm at Vinnies this morning, not looking forward to it like I usually do, I hate the waste.  They are there to help people in need but so much stuff is sent away for recycling.  Stuff that is in better condition than most of what I wear and nicer than my kids wore when they were little...I think I must of put my CrankyBum pants on, hangon while I go change...

We had a tiny, so cute mouse behind the microwave last week, so cute.  Yesterday I get home and something has chewed through a bag of herbal tea that wasn't put away in the tea-tin.  That little mouse is not so cute now! 

We have had rain so I now have no excuse to not get anything planted.  Except I was going to buy seedlings yesterday when over at Bunnings...and didn't.  Will put some seeds in soon though.  I bought some while down at the Nannup markets so can do that anytime.

Eight o'clock already!  Gosh, it gets late early.  I better get a move on.  Will come back again soon.


  1. well, I cannot see a picture, just a blank space with a slash in a circle in the upper left corner! That cute little mouse has a mouse family that will get bigger and chew up important things. That would be so exciting--finding chicks. In my case with no roosters, it would be a miracle. That is terrible that nice things are going for recycling. That would really bother me. Now, I will go see what you have been doing.

    1. Hopefully I have fixed it 'cause it's definitely worth seeing!