Sunday, March 30, 2014

MARCHing On...

I haven't seemed to have gotten too much achieved this month and not sure why.  It's not like I've been out and about every day, not even every week.  We did go away for a few days just recently but that is all.  I have had weeks of crankiness so maybe that's why.  It seemed a busy month but I think I've been busy being cranky and that's not productive.  I need, and want, to be more productive...

Our town has markets one Sunday a month and for the last 6 months or so I have been saying that I will have a stall at one.  But I haven't.   What with the honey extraction and jars of honey around the place it seems like a good time to get organised and book a stall.  And I want to...but the jars of honey need proper labels, ones with proper information on them.  And I am too tight to buy any and thought that it would be easy enough to make some myself...I haven't worked it out properly yet and can't sell any honey at the market without labels...I have 5 days to get them sorted.  Daughter and I will also have a table with odds and sods on it so we need to get tables, float, shade, anything else that sellers at markets need, ready.  She will come out here during the week and we will try and get something done about it all.

The gardens need more work and I need to get more seeds in if I want to be eating from them anytime soon.  Chokos are coming along nicely and I may have enough of a decent size to take down to the markets to sell.  Will maybe have some excess capsicum and chillies too so that will be good.

House is a mess, I haven't done anything with it for weeks what with being cranky and all so will need to start a list to try and get that back into some sort of order. 

I want to get the van cleaned out and taken in for a service, this has been on my list for weeks but still hasn't been done.  I really want to get onto that as I'd like to take it up to Lane Poole for a solo overnighter.  I want to do this but...I need to stop being such a SookyLaLa about it.  If I don't hurry up and do it though it will be too wet and cold and then I will use that as an excuse...There are so many things that I want to do, places I want to seems like I am wasting my life away.

We recently heard sad news about a bloke that husband used to work with, he probably wont get to do the things that he and his wife planned and I have had sad news about a friend, the chances of her getting to her next birthday are very slim...How do people handle stuff like that?  And here I am whinging and being cranky for no good reason.  I want to change that.

And today is/was my birthday.   It seems like life is passing me by, some are out doing what I am too scared to do, some wont get the chance now...
I don't think I am depressed, just sad and cranky and to be honest it will more than likely be fixed as soon as I start eating better and moving more...maybe I'll try that, starting tomorrow.  I hope so, I want to do better with a few things before the next one gets here.


  1. You do sound a bit depressed but I am not suggesting doctors or pills.

    I will suggest:
    *Make a list or two or three. Put on the list all you have to do, including piddly things (hang up my clothes) and daily things(wash dishes) and longterm things (clean out van).
    *Use a timer--clean the van for fifteen minutes and quit. Maybe you will want to work longer when the timer goes off and do it.
    *Reward yourself--"I can have this apple or brownie when I clean the van for fifteen minutes.
    *Threaten yourself (my favorite) "Linda, you cannot watch this favorite show until you have put the dishes in the dishwasher or cleaned the commode."

    Those people I know who die at a young age are eye-openers. They make me think. They make me afraid. They make me grateful. And, birthdays seem to be a reminder of all I ever wanted to do and never did and never will do.

    You could tell us about your trip away with your husband.

    Good luck on selling the honey and other things. Maybe your daughter's company is just what you need--a young one to crack things into shape. We all need that once in a while.

    1. Barb,
      It is soooo rewarding to mark off things from a list and transfer a clean list for tomorrow. But, keep the old list for a reminder. I do this in a spiral notebook, so I have a record with the date at the top.

    2. Yeah, I too like lists and do get more done when I use them...keeping them is a good idea and I do have a book suitable somewhere here. I will find it and use it. And I might go for that walk now, before I forget...By the time I get my shoes on it should be light enough to see where I'm going...