Sunday, April 6, 2014

Market Day...I Slept In!!!!

I never sleep in, I go to bed early I get up early...This last week, since I have been taking the Magnesium tablets I am still awake near midnight and as a result there have been a few mornings when I have woken up closer to 7 than 6 so last night, knowing I had to be somewhere this morning, I set the alarm.    I set it 15min earlier than I wanted to be up so I'd have time for a coffee before I went.  Sleeping away and ring ring goes the phone this morning.  I had arranged for daughter to ring me when she was leaving home so I didn't keep her waiting too long, I had the tables we needed to set up.  She says she is leaving now.  I say I am still in bed, you woke me up.  Ummm OK be there soon.

I get out of bed, can't find my clothes I had put out for today so grab some I wore last week that were luckily on the floor ready for me, rush out to pick some chokos to take, put the honey in the car, back inside to grab some money as I hadn't done the float yet, back out and van wont start, run out the back looking for a can of airostart, back inside to grab some carrots and apples to eat, get the van going and I am off.  Rushed, flustered and worried about being too late and daughter having to wait around for me.  And no coffee.   Markets are over now and I am having my first coffee but with just the start of a headache coming on so I will have another, then some lunch, the apple and carrot didn't do it for me...then...some other stuff, THEN! a report on how it went.  Stay tuned...


  1. Magnesium hangover? Goodness, I am so glad you had clothes from last week lying on the floor waiting. LOL What happened to the alarm? Can you take the magnesium tablets at a different time? Well, I am anxious to hear the report. I know it will be good. You are good at this cliffhanger! Is that a term in AU? Hurry back and tell us.

  2. yep waiting for the report too...if I take magnesium I cannot take it after 3pm other wise I'll be up all night and I mean up all night ..hypes me up ..where as some people experience the good friend uses them like sleeping pills...I wish...