Sunday, April 6, 2014

Honey Labels.

So  obviously I managed to get the labels sorted so I could sell the honey at the markets.  It took me a long time and I probably made an easy job more complicated than it should have been and I'm blaming my lack of organisation and procrastination habit for it all.  Having no idea how to do them had a lot to do with it too though.   In the end though, I got there and I am happy with the way they look.

It was harder because they needed so much information on them and I had different size containers so needed to resize them and everything kept jumping all over the page.

The picture that I had at first was from ClipArt and I read somewhere that they might be copyrighted and I had no idea if that was true or not but decided to be safe not sorry.  Then I had a picture of the letter B that was a bee...I still like that and T did work one out but in the end I came up with this one.  I drew it freehand in Paint, that was hard and he wasn't very neat so T fixed it up for me.  I think she did a good job and I like him.
I bought a pack of sticker paper from Officeworks.  100 sheets for 30 something dollars. They are A4 size stickers so I print the page out then cut around them and then stick them on.  It would be easier if I knew how to make proper labels and someone this morning told me how she did hers so if I remember in a day or so I will try what she said.  In the meantime though, these work.


  1. That is a very nice label. You are correct--that is a lot of information for one label.

  2. Barb, that is too cute for words. I can't believe I wasn't already following your blog. You always leave me such lovely comments! Would you email me through my blog so I can send you some Secret Angel postcards?

  3. Thanks, I like them. they could maybe do with a bit of refining but...maybe one day. Linda, they also need a nutritional panel, I have a small one on the back. Oh Mimi, thankyou. I will *see* you there.


    1. Barb,
      Is all this labeling required by your government of some sort of food Nazi?

  4. Linda, yes, Council regulations. And health issues. The powers that be need to be able to trace back the food source in case someone gets sick or dies...Different people say we need different information but some is common to all so that is what I put on.


  5. So happy to find your blog as you are close to home and seems to mean so much more than UK or Usa simple living blogs I have been reading.
    Honey looks divine. Am now going to catch up on all your older posts and hopefully you have hints on vegie growing in WA.
    Ruth from Perth WA

  6. Hi Ruth, thanks for commenting. I don't always answer comments but I appreciate them all. Hope to read you again sometime...