Friday, January 6, 2012

Things to do this week.

This week I need to get some stuff planted. 
I have beetroot seeds soaking as I type. 
Zucchini, carrots, lettuce, sweet corn are also on the list.  Sunflowers are there too.

I need to go out and see if I have any empty half 44gal drums...I have.  I will put beetroot in one, carrots in one.  The lettuce will go out the back in a small tank garden but seeds of everything will also be sprinkled around different areas.  I have silverbeet seedlings to go out the back as well.  Thanks M for those.  Much appreciated.

We have a half dozen or so seedling Apricot trees coming up an different areas.  Hubby wants them out of where they are so I am going to pot 1 up and put it in the chicken pen to give them a bit more shade and shelter.  I'm hoping that by keeping it in a pot it will help keep it smaller and I will dig a hole and plant that potted tree.  I think this will insulate the pot and give the tree a better chance.  The others will be transplanted into the big chook pens but I will do that after Summer.

I want to get some more mowing done.  I have done the front and the side but need to get the back done before the front needs doing again.  I have a few days...And as usual I need to clean up all my cra stuff before I can mow.

So this weeks list.
Plant seeds.
Pot up Apricot tree. 
Mow backyard. 

Hmmm, that doesn't look like much of a list.  I'm giving myself until next Friday.  The 13th. 
We are out one day this weekend, next week I work 2 days, I have inside stuff to do and I really need to make a start on the garden shed.  I also want to get a gate on the rooster shed somehow...My car needs a really good cleanout and I have windows that I hate looking through as they are so dirty.  I have a foxtrap that needs washing to get the people smell off. 

Better get out there and make a start.


  1. I love lists. They make me do things just so I can cross them off!

  2. I had plants in pots. The hens found them and would jump up on the side of the pot to peck and dig. They would knock the pots over and continue to scratch all the dirt out. I took an oven rack to put over things I did not want them to dig up. It needs to be about 4 inches off the ground. Hens should love apricots. I do.

    You have a hefty list, not many things, just lots to do.

  3. yes i agree with frogdancer i also love list so as i can cross them off as i go :-) and as for apricots yummo !!!

    Heidi :-)